Adults: ¥3,000

U18    : ¥2,500

Transparent glasses: ¥0~¥500

Colored glasses : ¥900~¥2,522

Kiriko Workshop

You can make an original glass with choosing dozens of glasses and samples.

​The skill is called Edo-Kiriko, and it has 180 years history.

All the samples are for beginners.


Weekdays : 10:15 13:00 15:00

Weekends : 8:30 10:15 13:00 15:00 16:45

16:45 class costs ¥500 more.

Duration: ​90mins

We offer 120mins course on 10:00,12:30 (+¥1,000)


​Things to bring: Hair band, eye glasses if you need

The minimum number of participants: 1

The maximum number of participants: 36

You should be more than 10 years old to take part in.

The samples

​Please note that some glasses can be out

of the stock.


東京都台東区雷門2-1-14 四方レジデンス

創吉 切子体験教室